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February 2011 Blog Posts (5)

Climate Change and Credit Risk in the Chemicals Sector

WRI continues the march of environmentally-driven credit analyses with a new report on the…


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Delving into the Green Economy Report

UNEP published the Green Economy Report (GER) today.  I've been looking forward to reading this as it comes from the team that produced the impressive Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Study (TEEB).

TEEB aimed to be the "Stern report" for biodiversity, but it…


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It's not just the climate, stupid

Ask the average, well-informed punter to name the most significant current environmental threat to human societies, and she or he is very likely to answer climate change. Indeed, it is common for people to use climate change and the environment interchangeably.

As long ago as 2005, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) concluded that climate change was just one of five principal drivers behind threats to the benefits we derive from…


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Of Billabongs, Weevils, and Alternative Stable States

I've heard the song "Waltzing Matilda" many times but I only learned today the meaning of the word billabong - a long lake formed by a river jumping its bed. (In America we call them oxbow lakes.)


The billabongs of Australia's Kakadu National Park are the site of a revealing ecological phenomenon …


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