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February 2012 Blog Posts (8)

Rafts of rubber and a hotel for birds with spit that sells

While some people are finding new ways to make withdrawals from nature’s bank, for others conservation has come along and created credit limits to long-held livelihoods.  It’s a tough job to balance these two faces of a coin that no-one is quite sure how to count.

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World Wide Views on Biodiversity

I would like to invite you to participate in the World Wide Views (WWViews) on Biodiversity process. WWViews on Biodiversity wants to address and discuss the challenges that impede the safeguarding of biodiversity. 

WWViews on Biodiversity is an ambitious, global citizen participation project on global biodiversity policies and actions. The project is coordinated by the Danish Board of Technology, with support from Biofaction (Markus…


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Habitat quality better than quantity

New research suggests that the quality of the habitat is more important than the quantity when it comes to supporting wildlife and biodiversity. Climate change and habitat destruction are the two main causes of biodiversity loss. The new study suggests that rehabilitation and improvements to existing habitats are more effective at supporting biodiversity than projects that provide completely new habitat structures.



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During the 2011 United Nation Framework Convention on Climate(UNFCCC), the UNDP sponsored five African journalists to travel with a caravan of youths who were demanding for climate justice for the Africa continent. The Youths who were about 160, were from across Africa, Europe and Asia.The journalists traveled with the caravan from Kenya through to Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa by road,in six trucks as they created awareness about climate change and held concerts in the…


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The near empty forest that proves conservation is failing

Boleh makan… Boleh… Boleh.” As I turned the pages of my copy of Mammals of Borneo to reveal more images of wildlife, Siba anak Aji said the same thing each time. “Can eat… Can… Can.”

It was 1998 and I was doing ecological research in Lambir Hills National Park in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Siba, my research assistant, was explaining which of the wild species his Iban…


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Borneo’s eco-stranded apes with nowhere to call home

Who’s that hiding in the trees? It’s a Bornean orangutan, an ape with an unhappy history and an uncertain future.

I saw this orangutan and several others when I took a recent boat journey past Kaja Island in the Rungan River of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The 40-plus orangutans on the island are ‘rehabs’ — creatures that have been confiscated from poachers, found orphaned or rescued from homes where as pets they were subjected to a diet of noodles…


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Umande Trust Leads in gradual Slum improvement

Umande Trust

By Douglas Namale


Umande Trust together with other Civil Society Organisations CSOs seeks to demonstrate how installation of improved bio-centres in slums can be focal points for showcasing the green agenda, urban renewal and gradual slum upgrading.…


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5 strategies to help marine ecosystems recover

Researchers have identified five strategies that help marine ecosystems recover: raising public and political awareness, legal action and enforcing management plans, reducing human impacts, protecting or restoring biodiversity and complex ecosystems, and long term planning, as recoveries can take many decades, particularly for longer-lived species and complex ecosystems.

For more details see:…


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