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2020VISION The BIG new conservation photography project

2020VISION is Britain’s most ambitious photography-based

conservation initiative ever! 20 of the UK’s top wildlife and

nature photographers have come together with leading conservation

partners to document the value of restoring Britain’s degraded

ecosystems. Over the course of 20 months, the 2020 Phototeam will carry

out 20 flagship assignments, which demonstrate the link between healthy

ecosystems and healthy people.

The project was officially launched… Continue

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Short GBO 3 guide for small island developing states and launch of beta version of the Global islands database

The CBD Secretariat (with support from the Global Island Partnership) produced a 4 page guide for Small Island Developing States(SIDS) on GBO 3 which was launched in New York on May 10 (same day as GBO 3 launch in Nairobi) at the SIDS Day at the Commission on Sustainable Development.

Anyone wanting a copy of this guide can find it available here:

The guide is organised against relevant… Continue

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NGOs call for strong safeguards in efforts to halt deforestation to help address climate change

Gland, Switzerland – Leading environmental and humanitarian organizations are calling for efforts to combat climate change through halting deforestation to take full account of impacts on forest peoples and biodiversity.

CARE and WWF made the call as country delegates head to Oslo for Thursday’s Climate and Forest Conference to ensure that any efforts to combat climate change by reducing forest loss take into account impacts on people and the… Continue

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Ecosystem Services research news for policy makers

Group members may be interested in reading the special issue of Science for Environment Policy which focuses on Ecosystem Services. It can be downloaded, free, from

Damage to the natural…


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Global Biodiversity Outlook 3 Launch - Video News Release

For all who are interested, here are links to the Global Biodiversity Outlook 3 Launch - Video News Release.…


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biodiversity meeting in Mauritania

The fifth coastal and marine forum will be organised in Nouakchott from June 27 to the first july 2010. Many countries and organizations are expected to participate in this meeting.
For any questions It will be my pleasure to help.

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One year after Aila disaster/ Scarcity of water still persists in Bangladesh's southwestern areas

Water, water, everywhere,

And all the boards did shrink;

Water, water, everywhere,

Nor any drop to drink.

The mariner’s agony as described by poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge has become hard truth for the Aila-hit Bangladeshi villagers living along the coastal line in…


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UN: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Further to the Guardian's coverage on Saturday of the upcoming TEEB report:


and associated link, including one to some of the problematic issues with valuing nature (clearly a lot more could be written on this!):

>… Continue

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The National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) published a report on communicating science related to marine reserves.

Hi all!

I think this recent report migth be of interest for some of you. This report is based on an experience in the marine reserves in the Channel Islands and along the California coasts. It gives a good example for many of us working on environmental issues.

You can find a note here:…

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UN Biodiversity Meeting Nairobi May 24-28

I'm attending the WGRI and will be reporting on it -- interested in comments/thts anyone might have, Steve

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Biodiversity and the poor


At SciDev.Net, we've put up a couple of interesting news/commentary relevant to biodiversity and the poor in the last few days--

News about a study from Kenya that finds fishermen benefit from closed fishing areas and equipment restrictions but acceptance is still an issue.

An… Continue

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Internationale Tag der biologischen Vielfalt

BfN Pressemitteilung

Bonn, 17. Mai 2010: Am kommenden Pfingstsamstag (22. Mai 2010) ist der Internationale Tag der biologischen Vielfalt. Diesen Tag hat das Bundesamt für Naturschutz (BfN) in Kooperation mit dem…


Added by Wilfried Lintker jr. on May 19, 2010 at 21:25 — 2 Comments

Losing the will to live and let live

My colleague Tom Birch has a new blog post on biodiversity at the International Institute for Environment's Due South blog.

Reflecting on the findings of the Global Biodiversity Outlook 3 report, launched last week in Kenya, Tom asks what proportion of the planet’s natural systems should be… Continue

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Sustainable-Use Group


Convention on Biological Diversity

Article 1. Objectives: The objectives of this Convention, to be pursued in accordance with its relevant provisions, are the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components and the fair and equitable sharing of the…


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Relevant Blog - Biolaw: Law and the Life Sciences.

Along with joining Wil's endorsement of the Teaching Climate Change Law & Policy blog, I'd like to encourage readers to check out Biolaw: Law and the Life Sciences. Although this blog is only updated about 2X per month, every post is directly relevant to biodiversity studies. I encourage new readers to check out all of the past posts and then check back on…


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An important call on communicating Biodiversity loss, from SciDev.Net

Hi all,

I just wanted to share with you (in case you missed it) the editorial that SciDev.Net published at the beginning of february. It´s about the Biodiversity loss and the crucial role that communicating biodiversity has in this years and of course, on the coming years and…

Added by Ana Claudia Nepote on May 5, 2010 at 23:22 — 3 Comments

CBD meetings in Nairobi - May 10 - 28 Who is Going?

I will likely be covering the latter half this big meet for IPS:;… Continue

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Relevant Blog: Teaching Climate Change Law & Policy

The Teaching Climate Change Law & Policy blog may be of interest to some members, as we often cover species impacts, and often highlight studies on climate trends, We are always looking for guest bloggers also, so if you're interested in contributing, please contact me. Wil Burns,

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Climate Himalaya News Blog

Interested in Climate Change in Himalaya, you may like to visit the blog at

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Entangled in the Web of Life: Biodiversity and the media

Biodiversity — the variety of genes, species and ecosystems on the planet — is disappearing faster than at any time since the demise of the dinosaurs. The implications are profound, for humanity and for our efforts to tackle poverty and climate change. Yet the media has under-reported this urgent environmental challenge, partly because researchers and policymakers have failed to communicate the issues in a way that is relevant to most people.… Continue

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