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Media and Agriculture: A Marriage of Necessity? Producer: Kris Rampersad Director: Kris Rampersad Duration: 6 minutes and 36 seconds Country: Trinidad and Tobago, Language: English License: CC - Attr…

Media and Agriculture: A Marriage of Necessity?

Producer: Kris Rampersad
Director: Kris Rampersad
Duration: 6 minutes and 36 seconds
Country: Trinidad and TobagoLanguage: English
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Dirty water kills more people than war in Africa -UN

By Douglas Namale:

Drinking dirty water kills more people than war in developing countries, the United Nations announced on last year’s World Water Day.

According to United Nations…


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The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is looking for a dynamic Science Writer

The Secretariat of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is seeking a dynamic Science Writer, to help communicate the value of GBIF’s work to key audiences.

Among the tasks of the Science Writer will be to:

  • Ensure consistency of language and messaging across GBIF publications and platforms, based on needs and audiences identified in the forthcoming GBIF Communications Strategy;
  • Develop and maintain dynamic news…

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Investigating community-led coral reef management

Investigating community-led coral reef management

Hi, I’m a freelance journalist based in Bristol, UK. My specialist areas include sustainability, the environment and development.

I’ve spent 2013 working as a self-funded, embedded journalist with NGOs: Fauna Forever in the Peruvian Amazon and Azafady in Madagascar. Based…


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I have set up a new channel on YOU TUBE covering my work over the past 20 years. (rights permitting). Partnering with You Tube will provide a new source of funding for future global reports. You can help by viewing postings, commenting and SUBSCRIBING (free!) + recommending the Channel to your friends: …


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Black Leopard: Dark Secret of a Black Beauty

The tragic killing of another black leopard in Sri Lanka highlights the need for greater conservation - by Malaka Rodrigo 
Published on …

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March for Elephant in Liberia

Liberia on October 4, 2013 joined other countries worldwide to March for Elephant. The March was intended to raise awareness of the cause of Elephant and highlight the damage being done to the animal species as a result of poaching and other illegal activity that are resulting to the decline of the animal population.

The March in Robert Sport city in Grand Cape Mount witnessed speeches delivered by representative of The Forestry Development Authority, Mr. Steve Miapay, James Kemokai,…


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The return of the Damselfly after 154 years

An animal or plant is considered ‘extinct’, if it has not been recorded for more than a century. The Sri Lanka Emerald Spreadwing (Sinhalestes orientalis) a beautiful Damselfly that had not been recorded for 154 years and thereby considered extinct had made a re-appearance last year. The information about this rediscovery has been published few weeks ago in Asian Journal of Conservation Biology authored by young researcher Amila P Sumanapala and expert on dragonflies M.…


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Tiny ant makes big strides

They are a household nuisance and the sight of lines of ants marching towards food lying about can drive one crazy. But researchers from Peradeniya University studying a group of ants are excited by their discovery. The cause of the excitement was the existence of the rare endemic Sri Lankan Relict Ant (Aneuretus simoni Emery) among the sample of ants being studied.

The Sri Lanka Relict Ant may be one of the tiniest members of Sri Lanka’s unique biodiversity but it has a big…


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Urban Biodiversity for a resilient urban future

In fast expanding urban areas, pollution and waste management pose a serious threat to the health and overall quality of life of citizens. Predicted impacts of climate change and disasters only escalate the problem, especially in coastal megacities and hill stations. Urban biodiversity contributes to provisioning of ecosystems services leading to amelioration of urban microclimate, mitigation of the impact of disasters, public health, and enhancement of the overall quality of life of…


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A mosquito genus new to Sri Lanka discovered

MRI researchers say since these species were known to eat the larvae of other mosquitoes, more studies being done to find out whether they could be used in the control of deadly dengue – Malaka Rodrigo 

Two species of mosquitoes belonging to a genus new to Sri Lanka have been discovered, scientists at the Medical Research Institute (MRI) have announced. The mosquitoes of this genus, known as Topomyia, are found in countries like India and Thailand. These species are…


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Lanka among world’s top 20 shark killers

An international study has placed Sri Lanka among top 20 countries that catch sharks.

Noting that these 20 countries account for 80% of the world’s annual shark catch, a report based on the study puts the survival of many shark varieties in their hands.

Shark fins laid out to dry in Negombo

This report titled “The future of the Shark: A Review of Action and Inaction” was produced by the wildlife trade…


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Indigenous people seek recognition in REDD+ activities


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Nairobi Dam: daunting task to rehabilitate water reservoir

By Douglas Namale:

Frosty smell, plastic bag heaps, pigs, aquatic weeds, arrow-roots and sukuma wiki plantains, describe the status of Nairobi Dam. The sixty-year old water reservoir whose objective was to provide potable and emergency water supply for the city populace is now a health hazard.  The once acclaimed water sport resort where Nairobi’s elite converged to merry in early 1990s sailing, diving and fishing, is now a marshy farmland.…


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15,000 kilograms of discarded fishing nets stored for re-use


On behalf of the ECNC Group, Aquafil and Star Sock

The Netherlands – The Healthy Seas initiative’s call for used and discarded fishing nets has brought in 15 tons of nets this summer. The salvaged nets are being stored in the first Healthy Seas depot in Scheveningen harbour, the Netherlands, and will be offered for recycling at the end of the salvage season.

In March this year, the Healthy Seas partners…


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The WAR for STEEL: A documentary on Government repression for POSCO


A documentary by Basudev Mahapatra, India

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