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April 2013 Blog Posts (4)

If we cook these tiny wasps, we put the heat on hundreds of other species

From the wings of tiny creatures hang the fates of hundreds of bird and mammal species, and perhaps even entire rainforests. They are fig wasps and they play a disproportionate role in the grand drama of life on Earth. They shape our own story too because of this. But new research warns that these insects could be “extremely vulnerable” to global warming.

This matters because each of the 750+ species of fig tree (Ficus species) relies utterly on particular species of fig wasp…


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Unhappy endlings: What tales of the last days of extinct and dying species can bring to our own story

They are all now dead and can never be replaced but at least they got names. Martha, Benjamin and Incas… Booming Ben and Lonesome George. They wer endlings, each one the last known member of its species. Their names remind us that we have epic tales to tell of the decline and fall of entire species.



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Before 1996, Baruwa community in Alimosho area of Lagos Nigeria depended on their groundwater for drinking and domestic use. All that changed when they discovered that the more than 180 wells in the area had suddenly become greasy and smelly.

The traditional head Haliju Baruwa said they were alarmed when their domestic…


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Environmental impacts of disposable diapers and sanitary towels

Much of what we buy and use are disposables. From medical and electronic waste to kitchen and dining products, the list goes on.

Throwaway products are usually made from paper, plastic and cotton, but plastic items are by far used the most.

Though some disposables can breakdown rapidly others like throwaway diapers cannot.…


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