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Ugochukwu Chimeziri's Blog – August 2011 Archive (2)

Paint hazards: How to protect women and children

Painting of a new house or repainting of renovated one has been an age-long practice globally. This practice which is carried out in order to put an astonishing beauty to the house could also pose serious hazard to human with children and pregnant mothers being more vulnerable. Paints contain four classes of substances (additives, resins, solvents and pigments) which can enter the body by inhalation, absorption through the skin, ingestion, and through direct… Continue

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Global warming: How poverty supports the most dangerous kind of emissions

The role of poverty in many aspects of life is a well-documented chronicle which stares the world in the face. Poverty has immense contribution to gender imbalance, abuse of rights, inability to access good food, water, healthcare amongst others.

This time, poverty has revealed that its tentacles are also in control of the transport and power systems in some of the third world countries especially experimenting ones of Africa. Nigeria is one or perhaps the only country in Africa housing… Continue

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