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Durban stalemate is unfair to small countries

For two weeks beginning Monday, the focus of the world will be on the South African city of Durban hosting the global climate change summit in the quest to save the world.

As the world meets for the 17th time in as many years, there is a dark cloud hovering over the expectations from the summit. Experts predict nothing substantive to come out of the summit despite the world running out of time.

The Prime Minister Jigmi Y. Thinley has declared that the Durban summit is…


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Forget climate change and its Science, make the gods happy

As Himalayan tribes in Bhutan are forced to slaughter more yaks and erratic rainfall kill yields, villagers resort to appease local deities

Highlanders living at the base of the snowcapped Himalayan Mountains in Bhutan are witnessing unprecedented change in weather patterns. They have no clue why it is happening and resort to blaming their fate or appeasing the mountain gods and local deities or both.

Every winter, they are losing an increasing number…


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Three deaths challenge bhutan’s commitment to climate change

The country is in debt to three young men who lost their lives for a national cause. But it is a sad story that their deaths have been downplayed in every sense of the term.

They lost their lives while they were on their way to lower the water level at Thorthormi, the biggest and the most dangerous glacial lake in the Bhutanese Himalayas, which could cause an unimaginable catastrophe if not tamed in advance.

The deaths expose the failings of a system which is unprepared to…


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A dying planet and confused journalists

Yes it’s true. Journalists can also get confused. It is particularly true for journalists covering climate change. Environmental journalists worldwide are grappling to convince their editors to run climate change stories.

The issue was also raised last week in Nepal when climate journalists from seven SAARC member countries met for a climate change workshop.

The indifference of the editors cannot be seen in isolation because it also reflects the general perception of readers’…


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