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Can your Head of State answer these 11 questions?

Here is a golden opportunity for journalists worldwide to localise a global biodiversity story.

The UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has posed a series of questions to Heads of State or Government ahead of their big meeting on biodiversity at the UN headquarters on 22 September.

The questions are listed below and the full background paper is online here in various languages.

Can your head of state answer these questions?

1. As Head of State or Government what is your biodiversity vision, for your country, your region and globally?

2. What lessons need to be learned from the experience of the 2010 biodiversity target and what guidance can you provide to the negotiators at Nagoya to ensure that the new strategic plan for the Convention is comprehensive, ambitious and achievable?

3. What are the human, institutional, scientific and financial resources that countries need in order to fully implement the Convention and what mechanisms are needed to ensure that each country has access to the resources it needs?

4. How will you ensure that the post-2010 biodiversity strategy is reflected in your national biodiversity strategy and action plan, including a set of measurable national biodiversity targets?

5. How will you ensure that the post-2010 biodiversity strategy is reflected in your national and local development priorities and that biodiversity will be mainstreamed throughout government and in all sectors of society and the economy?

6. What is your view as Head of State or Government on the importance to your country of the ecosystem services provided by biodiversity and the risks to your country’s well-being and security represented by continuing loss of biodiversity?

7. How are you able to make the economic values of biodiversity visible to economic actors and policymakers, and effectively integrate those values into decision-making at all levels?

8. In your country, how can the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and the sharing of benefits from the use of genetic resources form part of a green economy that achieves sustainable development and the eradication of poverty?

9. How do you envisage managing biodiversity and ecosystems in your country to contribute to your national climate-change mitigation and adaptation strategies, including REDD+?

10. How will you promote synergies among the three Rio Conventions and other biodiversity-related conventions at the national level and what is needed at the international level, from their Conferences of the Parties and from the 20-year review of the Rio summit, to support national efforts?

11. What can be done to ensure that the oceans can continue to function as important blue carbon sinks?

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Comment by Felix Mwakyembe on August 25, 2010 at 14:01
Hi Mike,

Thanks for inviting me to this another resourceful site. Hope to get more infornation here

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