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Earthlanka web site will focus on the latest info on the environment locally and globally

The web site was launched in Sri Lanka during 2009,

This web site will be updated by volunteers , environmentalists, reporters from Sri Lanka as well as worldwide.

Our purpose of this web site was to talk about environmental issues all over the world.

we have been reporting news on environmental projects, solutions on crises faced locally and globally, Government perspective on environmental issues from various countries including news on latest findings
and research. For the past year

We have been highlighting news on crises globally. Latest projects on environment by organizations, governments, school clubs and individually worldwide, In future we will be bringing you latest findings,
solutions regarding environment. Bio Diversity issues will be discussed on the
web site as an initiative to promote the International Bio Diversity . We have
been highlighting Government press
releases on environment too.

So as you see, this site will not only give news, our aim is to provide information for all the viewers.

As the publisher I invite everyone to provide news, If you do not wish to publish names in articles, that could be done too.

I would like to invite everyone to send news concerning the environment to

I also wish to link our web site through in your our web pages, with approval only.

Your contribution /article will carry your name. If you do not want to disclose your name, that too could be done.

This is a good opportunity for environmentalists/earth lovers/Reporters to try their hand as journalists.

Blog Entries accepted


Sudarsha De Silva

Environmental Journalists

Sri Lanka

Link http:/

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