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Floods leave 15 deads

More than 20 000 persons forced to abandon homes following heavy rains in the region.

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Comment by Irene GAOUDA on September 25, 2012 at 17:41

The population of North-Cameroon, Central Africa, is in danger! For nearly two weeks, heavy rains have been destroying their homes and crops. To date, more than 15 people are reported dead.Nefta Laoda, a resident from the Far-North region explains: "At first, we were very happy because the dry season lasted so long in 2011. But over the days, the situation went bad. Since 25 August, it rains constantly, we do not know what is happening", said the mother of 5. For more than two weeks, in fact, rainwater has been causing enormous damages.

This year's floods began in the district of Maga, in the Mayo-Danay subdivision, in the Far-North region. Here, the dam which serves to retain water flowing along river Logone succumbed. Residents of Gobo, Yagoua, Vélé, and Kaikai are also affected. Last Tuesday, the level of the water rose to a speed obliging the Senior Divisionnal Officer to conduct a nightly mission in order to touch the realities on the ground.

The inhabitants of the town of Lagdo, in the North region only had their eyes to weep. The water overflowed the river Benue bed, forcing the inhabitants to flee their villages. Consequently, the Minister of Basic Education, Youssouf Hadidja Halim, elite of the region, went to Garoua to provide basic necessities to her brothers. The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, also went to provide oil and rice to the victims. In Mayo-Danay, he was bitterly criticized by the population who accused him of having forgotten their locality.

No school for affected children

Since floods began, many school are being occupied by the victims. In most schools in the town of Maga for instance, the displaced have no other choice than occupying classrooms.It should be noted that most of the houses destroyed by the waters are made of clay. With more than 20 000 people displaced, over 7 000 pupils and students' back to school this year is hypothetical. The authorities however reassured that the affected children would return to school gradually.

Bridge collapses

Following the strong water pressure, one of the bridge connecting the city of Garoua to Ngaoundéré, near Mayo-Bocki collapsed on the 3rd of September. Vehicules coming from Garoua are forced to stop at the level of the collapsed bridge, time for another vehicule to take over. The situation is critical because trucks carrying goods from Douala to Ndjamena, Chad and Central African Republic cannot process.

In vie w of the situation, many families in the Far-North and North regions express fear. Observers predict a famine in days to come in the Northen part of Cameroon.


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