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International action on biodiversity - tell all your ecologist and conservationist friends

Today conservation ecologist Guillaume Chapron and George Monbiot have launched Biodiversity 100, hosted by the Guardian.

It's an international campaign to get those responsible in G20 countries to sign up to very specific pledges to protect our top 100 species or ecosystems that are falling by the political wayside. These countries are rich enough to be able to take substantial action.

In their launch article, Chapron and Monbiot describe the plight of the Pyrenean bear, of which there are only around 20 left in the wild. There are political reasons that more isn't being done to protect this bear which is on the brink of extinction.

If you have any ideas for specific targets you would like to see authorities sign up to prior to the international biodiveristy summit in Japan in October, please add them to the form the Biodiversity 100 site.

Call to action: Please pass on the URL for the campaign to your contacts.

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