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Liberia on October 4, 2013 joined other countries worldwide to March for Elephant. The March was intended to raise awareness of the cause of Elephant and highlight the damage being done to the animal species as a result of poaching and other illegal activity that are resulting to the decline of the animal population.

The March in Robert Sport city in Grand Cape Mount witnessed speeches delivered by representative of The Forestry Development Authority, Mr. Steve Miapay, James Kemokai, major of the City and Student James Kemikai of the kindergarten section of the Robert sport Demonstration High School.  Little James trailed the audience as he read extemporaneously the speech marking the celebration of the March for Elephant in the Liberia. He reminded the audience of the important role of elephants in the live of mankind and how human actions have cost deadly for the continue survival of the animal in the Liberian society.  He called on state actors and individual family members to fight against poaching of elephants in the country to maintain the history of Liberia. He called on the audience to SAY NO TO IVORY.

 The march in Liberia was organized and sponsored by the Conservation of Natural History of Liberia, a local conservation organization advocating for  Traditional Knowledge conservation and using conservation as a developmental tool for local community sustainability. 

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