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A new initiative launched across Africa by African professionals known as Our Africa Our Resources (OAOR) to protect and conserve African natural resources from exploitation and unsustainable use. We are a group of middle-aged and young Africans networking across Africa for protection, conservation and management of African Natural resources.

OAOR have virtual presence and coordinators in Nigeria, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, Cameroon, Somalia, DR Congo and hope to expand to the remaining countries of Africa as we progress. There are plans to officially launch our advocacy program at an elaborate gathering in first quarter of 2016 in Uganda and we would be glad to invite other African professionals to the launching and commissioning of Our Africa Our Resources.

The overall objective and purpose of OUR AFRICA OUR RESOURCES is to serve as a watchdog in Africa against the exploitation and abuse of natural resources in all African countries through the sensitization, advocating and lobbying with citizens of those countries for the sustainable management of natural resources; and to improve the harvesting of natural resources in a sustainable way to provide benefits for all citizens of the host country.

This will be achieved by working with individual governments/authorities, citizens and organizations; investment cooperation aimed at the  substantial reduction of bad concessions/contracts; calling for the repeal of certain legislation/laws that sanction the over-exploitation of natural resources; increasing the widespread participation of citizens; and encouraging transparency and accountability

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