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This is from a recent blog post by Sheldon Wilde Greaves, Founder of Citizen Science League: 

"Thousands worldwide participate in citizen science projects, from counting backyard birds to searching for extraterrestrial communication. In-person and online, this popular pastime is evolving from hobby to serious science.

Uncertain future grant funding, the growing backlog of raw unexamined data, and an emerging scientific philosophy of inclusion trend to a new reliance on these amateur scientists to increasingly assume professional roles. From initiating crowdsourcing ventures through articulating hypotheses, conducting research, interpreting results and anticipating real-world applications, these citizen scientists will provide quality, cost-effective scientific inquiry while democratizing and reinvigorating disciplines once seen as elitist.

I think that at some point citizen scientists who aspire to work on what is now a professional or semi-professional level will need some kind of credential or perhaps a portfolio to establish themselves as credible scientists."

See here for more: The Rise of Citizen Science

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