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Just passing this along at the request of the organization putting on
the event..... Spread the word!! With all the bad news lately about
the Gulf oil spill and the like, this is something we can all take part
in which will help make a difference to our planet!

Water Hour is coming at 8 pm on June 11!

Wonderfully, it is taking off - especially at; on Facebook and on Twitter

This is amazing given that the first inkling was such a short time ago.

Water Hour aspires to be a global happening to protect water. The global
launch will take place in June a year from now. Tangible, incremental
steps will be taken starting with the all-important pilot test on June
11. Don't be fooled by the word 'pilot'. For everybody who participates,
it will be the real thing. But at the same time we will be testing
every dimension of the program needed for global uptake over the coming

Here's how you can help:

Before June 11 - Start participating yourself at the links above., for
example, has several ways to get involved. The site will guide you.

Relay this note to everybody in your networks. This is so important. Our
power for change is in our combined networks.

Send the attached media release to all the media you can.

During Water Hour - Celebrate water . in big or small ways. Lots of ideas for celebrating
are at

However you celebrate, post it on one of the Water Hour social media.

After Water Hour - Return the questionnaire we will send you. Your feedback will transform the pilot
into an amazing global happening to protect water.

Water Hour Press Release - Final.doc

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