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August 2013 Blog Posts (5)

A mosquito genus new to Sri Lanka discovered

MRI researchers say since these species were known to eat the larvae of other mosquitoes, more studies being done to find out whether they could be used in the control of deadly dengue – Malaka Rodrigo 

Two species of mosquitoes belonging to a genus new to Sri Lanka have been discovered, scientists at the Medical Research Institute (MRI) have announced. The mosquitoes of this genus, known as Topomyia, are found in countries like India and Thailand. These species are…


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Lanka among world’s top 20 shark killers

An international study has placed Sri Lanka among top 20 countries that catch sharks.

Noting that these 20 countries account for 80% of the world’s annual shark catch, a report based on the study puts the survival of many shark varieties in their hands.

Shark fins laid out to dry in Negombo

This report titled “The future of the Shark: A Review of Action and Inaction” was produced by the wildlife trade…


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Indigenous people seek recognition in REDD+ activities


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Nairobi Dam: daunting task to rehabilitate water reservoir

By Douglas Namale:

Frosty smell, plastic bag heaps, pigs, aquatic weeds, arrow-roots and sukuma wiki plantains, describe the status of Nairobi Dam. The sixty-year old water reservoir whose objective was to provide potable and emergency water supply for the city populace is now a health hazard.  The once acclaimed water sport resort where Nairobi’s elite converged to merry in early 1990s sailing, diving and fishing, is now a marshy farmland.…


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