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September 2013 Blog Posts (4)

The return of the Damselfly after 154 years

An animal or plant is considered ‘extinct’, if it has not been recorded for more than a century. The Sri Lanka Emerald Spreadwing (Sinhalestes orientalis) a beautiful Damselfly that had not been recorded for 154 years and thereby considered extinct had made a re-appearance last year. The information about this rediscovery has been published few weeks ago in Asian Journal of Conservation Biology authored by young researcher Amila P Sumanapala and expert on dragonflies M.…


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Tiny ant makes big strides

They are a household nuisance and the sight of lines of ants marching towards food lying about can drive one crazy. But researchers from Peradeniya University studying a group of ants are excited by their discovery. The cause of the excitement was the existence of the rare endemic Sri Lankan Relict Ant (Aneuretus simoni Emery) among the sample of ants being studied.

The Sri Lanka Relict Ant may be one of the tiniest members of Sri Lanka’s unique biodiversity but it has a big…


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Urban Biodiversity for a resilient urban future

In fast expanding urban areas, pollution and waste management pose a serious threat to the health and overall quality of life of citizens. Predicted impacts of climate change and disasters only escalate the problem, especially in coastal megacities and hill stations. Urban biodiversity contributes to provisioning of ecosystems services leading to amelioration of urban microclimate, mitigation of the impact of disasters, public health, and enhancement of the overall quality of life of…


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