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November 2010 Blog Posts (17)

Gathering the Food Growing at our Feet

After many years of studying invasive plant species in Patagonia, Argentina, Dr. Eduardo Rapoport, Professor at the Universidad Nacional Del Camohue, realized that many of the “pests” he was caataloging were edible. “I found that, especially in areas disturbed by man, such as roads, back lots, and gardens, there are a great deal of unintentional food sources.” As a result, Dr. Rapoport found himself looking at these “pests, invaders, and weeds,” in a…


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Protest against attempted murder and beating up of journalists and activists in Russia

O P E N L E T T E R T O:

Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, president of the Russian Federation

Mr. Vladimir Putin, prime minister of the Russian Federation

Russian police and investigators

24 November, 2010


We protest against attempted murder and the…

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Putting Classroom Theory into Practice

Cross posted from Worldwatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet.

“The idea was to bring a lot of expertise from the corporate world to help young social start ups,” says Fred

Rose when asked…


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Managing Natural Resources - IDSAsr Verdict

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under the wings of an eagle

The struggle to protect the March-Thaya wetlands on the Austro-Slovakian border

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Amazon deforestation - reasons to be cheerful?

As the Brazilian president-elect Dilma Rousseff prepares to take up the reins of power in January, the news from the Amazon rainforest appears,

on the face of it, to be pretty good.

All the signs are that the official deforestation figures for 2009-10, due out in the next

few weeks, will for the second year running be the lowest since

satellite monitoring began in the late…

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Slaughter of the Sirens

(for original posting see

The record-breaking drought in the Amazon basin has led to "uncontrolled" hunting of one of the world's most bizarre and gentle aquatic mammals, the threatened Amazonian Manatee (Trichechus… Continue

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Right after the historical conference, COP10, Nagoya city started destroying its own Satoyama

A controversial story of destruction of Hirabari Satoyama was picked up by Der Spiegel and Japan Times in the middle of COP10.

This Satoyama locates at right by Aichi Driving Center, only 30-minute car ride from COP10 venue is very compact in its size, 5hecters, but one can witness vast biological diversity. It was on Japanese media frequently in December of 2009, because Kawamura Takashi, the mayor of Nagoya city, picked it up to turn… Continue

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Linkedin group for biodiversity professionals

Linkedin is ideal for professional discussions related to biodiversity. We invite all members of the Biodiversity Media Alliance to connect with like-minded folks on our Linkedin group for biodiversity professionals.

Join for discussion, jobs, networking, resources, etc. The group will help you connect with biodiversity professionals who are not necessarily engaged in media and journalism, such as… Continue

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Turning an Invasive Species into a Livelihood

Cross posted from Worldwatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet.

In Kenya, for the over 5,000 people living in rural communities on or near its shore, Lake Victoria—the largest body of freshwater in Africa—is a life line. It is the main source of water for bathing, drinking, and cooking in the area and its fish populations… Continue

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Oil Pollution Displaces Nigerian Fishermen to Guinea

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri

Massive oil spillages across the Niger Delta by transnational oil companies has displaced fishermen and other small fishing companies to Cameroon and Guinea territorial waters where they could find safe

water for their fishing businesses.

This was contained in the opening speech delivered by Mr Nnimmo Bassey, executive director, Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria…


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‘Gas Flaring fuels Desertification in the North’

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri

“Flare gas in the Niger Delta and you propagate desertification in the northern Nigeria,” were the words and warnings of Mr. Nimmo Bassey, Executive Director, Environmental Rights Action (ERA), a non governmental organization at a recent media training organized by the NGO in Abuja.

Bassey, who is also the president of Friends of the Earth Nigeria (FoEN) said that transnational oil companies that are flaring gas in the Niger Delta are immensely… Continue

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Croplife Blames NAFDAC Over Poor Checkmating of Chemicals

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri
Croplife Nigeria, an umbrella of registered pesticide, herbicides and fungicide importers has blamed the uncontrollable influx of chemicals especially those that

have agricultural applications to the inability of National Agency for

Food and Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC) to adequately police the Nigeria’s chemical industry.
Speaking in his Lagos office last week in an…

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West African Gas Pipeline: Niger Delta Moves to Badagry

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri

Mr. Kunniy Alex, Ajido community leader, Mr. Sikiru Aliyu, youth leader and Mrs. Felicia Adosu of Ajido community all of Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos state have lamented that memories of environmental depletion and devastation of Niger Delta have moved to their community which is hosting the pipeline and the transfer station of the West African Gas Pipeline.

Speaking to the media in an interactive meeting held in Lagos in the week end, Alex said that… Continue

Added by Ugochukwu Chimeziri on November 2, 2010 at 16:35 — 1 Comment

Corruption: Nigeria’s Tobacco Bill Suffers Setback

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri
Strong indications emerging show that the tentacles of corruption may have been keeping too close to the process of getting the Nigeria’s National Tobacco Control Bill 2009 enacted.
A source close to the Senate who spoke to HotNews Nigeria on the condition of anonymity said that following Mr. David Mark’s, (Senate…

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Banned Pesticides Find Home in Nigeria

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri
Nigeria is now a safe heaven for banned and very harmful pesticides with active ingredients called endosulfan.
According to experts, endosulfan is an organochlorine compound that is used as an insecticide and acaricide. They said that the colourless solid has

emerged as a highly controversial agrichemical due to its acute

toxicity, potential for what they described as…

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