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December 2010 Blog Posts (10)

Biodiversity Year Ends on a High Note as UN General Assembly Backs Resolution Signing into Life an ‘IPCC-for Nature’

By Naftali Mungai in Nairobi

A new international body aimed at catalyzing a global response to the loss of biodiversity and world’s…


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Preserving the Elephant Habitat is Conserving Biodiversity

The giant mammal has lately been viewed as a keystone species in the Asian tropical forest that can act as an umbrella or flagship for conserving biodiversity.



Clashes Continue Between Elephant Vs Humans

By Manipadma Jena

BHUBANESWAR, India, Dec 20, 2010 (IPS) - Returning home from work recently, farmer Baidhar Singh was aghast to find his thatched hut in Balasore district, Orissa trampled to the ground. Just a few hundred metres…


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Yuri Eldyshev, editor of "Ecology and life", needs help

Yuri Eldyshev is very ill and needs help from his colleagues. He has pancreatic cancer with multiplemetastases in liver. Yuri's wife Ljudmila wrote this to Pavel Antonov, and asked him to spread the apel for help.

Yuri Eldyshevis a environmental journalist, editor of Moscow based magazine "Ecology and life", scientifically popular journal. He is a member of IFEJ, Greenaccord and other networks of environmental journalists.

"Yuri underwent a serious surgery and…


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Report Unveils Tobacco Industry’s Bid to Undermine WHO

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri

A new investigative report by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists exposes a wide range of tactics employed by the tobacco industry to undermine advances being made by the global tobacco treaty – Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Threats to health policy include aggressive lobbying and legal intimidation, to charitable donations and even outright payoffs.

Even as Parties- including delegates from Nigeria’s ministry of…


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Report reveals Biofuels Failing Africa

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri

Biofuels are failing Africa, in contrast to the many promises that fuelled their growth, a new report from Ethiopia claims today.

Launched recently at the UN conference on Climate Change in Cancun, the report "Biofuels - a Failure for Africa" from the African Biodiversity Network, Ethiopian Society for Consumer Protection and The Gaia Foundation, highlights the risks of relying on biofuels to bring climate and development benefits to Africa.



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Decoding the DNA soup of the forest

From tomorrow (Saturday 11th Dec) until Wednesday I will be attending a scientific conference in the town of Bragança Paulista, organised by FAPESP, the public body that funds scientific research in the state of São Paulo - which contributes about half of all the published scientific papers in Brazil. The theme is "Getting post-2010 Biodiversity Targets…


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Providing the Skills—and the Confidence—Needed to Improve Livelihoods

Cross posted from Worldwatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet.

For most women living in rural and remote parts of India, the day begins as early as 3:00am. The flour for the day’s meals needs grinding, livestock need to be fed, breakfast needs to be cooked, and water needs to be…


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Documentary: "Croatia - natural paradise between Danube and Adriatic"

German authors Ernst Sasse i Hans-Peter Kuttler of the NDR Naturfilm produced beautiful documentary about nature in Croatia, showing unique landscapes, animals and plants.

From 2006 to 2008, they pictured changes in nature during four seasons and spent ten months on the field. The film starts with view of frozen landscape Plitvice Lakes, UNESCO heritage site, famous on huge waterfalls and mosaic of numerous crystal water lakes. Sasse and Kuttler captured morning wakening of linx,… Continue

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Sneak Preview: State of the World 2011

Cross posted from Worldwatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet.

In just a few short weeks State of the World 2011: Innovations that Nourish the Planet will be launched! We're excited to share with you a sneak preview of Chapter 1…


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VIdeo on Yasuni ITT Project in Ecuador


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