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FG Not Showing Seriousness Over Ogoniland Cleanup..ERA/FoEN

The Federal Government of Nigeria has not shown reasonable commitment in actually cleaning up the Ogoniland in the Niger Delta region in the Southern Nigeria. This was contained in a welcome address by Dr. Godwin Uyi Ojo, Executive Director, Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria at the 9th Annual National Environmental Congress organised by ERA/FoEN…


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Nuclear Power Project: Nigeria in Voodoo Agreement


“We are miffed that a cooperation agreement on this dangerous experiment has been reached despite the aversion of Nigerians to the nuclear option for generating power. We reject it and refuse to be led into a radioactive misadventure that western countries that hitherto experimented are weaning themselves off and exploring safe renewable,” Dr Godwin Ojo, Executive Director, Environmental Rights Action (ERA) said in a statement recently.


An African adage says…


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Paint hazards: How to protect women and children

Painting of a new house or repainting of renovated one has been an age-long practice globally. This practice which is carried out in order to put an astonishing beauty to the house could also pose serious hazard to human with children and pregnant mothers being more vulnerable. Paints contain four classes of substances (additives, resins, solvents and pigments) which can enter the body by inhalation, absorption through the skin, ingestion, and through direct… Continue

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Global warming: How poverty supports the most dangerous kind of emissions

The role of poverty in many aspects of life is a well-documented chronicle which stares the world in the face. Poverty has immense contribution to gender imbalance, abuse of rights, inability to access good food, water, healthcare amongst others.

This time, poverty has revealed that its tentacles are also in control of the transport and power systems in some of the third world countries especially experimenting ones of Africa. Nigeria is one or perhaps the only country in Africa housing… Continue

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Hunger Politics: Africa Dancing in the Dark


“The only strategy would be to make Africa believe that it is ravaged by hunger and could only combat the plague with supports that must come from external cabal forces. If that is achieved, then Africa is destroyed,” these were the lamenting words of Dr Olaseinde Arigbede, national coordinator, United Small and Medium Scale Farmers of Nigeria (USMEFAN) recently at a consultative meeting entitled ‘The Politics of Hunger’ which held in Abuja, Nigeria.

The… Continue

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Report Unveils Tobacco Industry’s Bid to Undermine WHO

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri

A new investigative report by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists exposes a wide range of tactics employed by the tobacco industry to undermine advances being made by the global tobacco treaty – Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Threats to health policy include aggressive lobbying and legal intimidation, to charitable donations and even outright payoffs.

Even as Parties- including delegates from Nigeria’s ministry of…


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Report reveals Biofuels Failing Africa

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri

Biofuels are failing Africa, in contrast to the many promises that fuelled their growth, a new report from Ethiopia claims today.

Launched recently at the UN conference on Climate Change in Cancun, the report "Biofuels - a Failure for Africa" from the African Biodiversity Network, Ethiopian Society for Consumer Protection and The Gaia Foundation, highlights the risks of relying on biofuels to bring climate and development benefits to Africa.



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Oil Pollution Displaces Nigerian Fishermen to Guinea

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri

Massive oil spillages across the Niger Delta by transnational oil companies has displaced fishermen and other small fishing companies to Cameroon and Guinea territorial waters where they could find safe

water for their fishing businesses.

This was contained in the opening speech delivered by Mr Nnimmo Bassey, executive director, Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria…


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‘Gas Flaring fuels Desertification in the North’

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri

“Flare gas in the Niger Delta and you propagate desertification in the northern Nigeria,” were the words and warnings of Mr. Nimmo Bassey, Executive Director, Environmental Rights Action (ERA), a non governmental organization at a recent media training organized by the NGO in Abuja.

Bassey, who is also the president of Friends of the Earth Nigeria (FoEN) said that transnational oil companies that are flaring gas in the Niger Delta are immensely… Continue

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Croplife Blames NAFDAC Over Poor Checkmating of Chemicals

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri
Croplife Nigeria, an umbrella of registered pesticide, herbicides and fungicide importers has blamed the uncontrollable influx of chemicals especially those that

have agricultural applications to the inability of National Agency for

Food and Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC) to adequately police the Nigeria’s chemical industry.
Speaking in his Lagos office last week in an…

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West African Gas Pipeline: Niger Delta Moves to Badagry

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri

Mr. Kunniy Alex, Ajido community leader, Mr. Sikiru Aliyu, youth leader and Mrs. Felicia Adosu of Ajido community all of Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos state have lamented that memories of environmental depletion and devastation of Niger Delta have moved to their community which is hosting the pipeline and the transfer station of the West African Gas Pipeline.

Speaking to the media in an interactive meeting held in Lagos in the week end, Alex said that… Continue

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Corruption: Nigeria’s Tobacco Bill Suffers Setback

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri
Strong indications emerging show that the tentacles of corruption may have been keeping too close to the process of getting the Nigeria’s National Tobacco Control Bill 2009 enacted.
A source close to the Senate who spoke to HotNews Nigeria on the condition of anonymity said that following Mr. David Mark’s, (Senate…

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Banned Pesticides Find Home in Nigeria

By Ugochukwu Chimeziri
Nigeria is now a safe heaven for banned and very harmful pesticides with active ingredients called endosulfan.
According to experts, endosulfan is an organochlorine compound that is used as an insecticide and acaricide. They said that the colourless solid has

emerged as a highly controversial agrichemical due to its acute

toxicity, potential for what they described as…

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