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In Croatia no “certificate of competence” needed to obtain pesticides


By Kruno Kartus

This article has been published with a support of the Danish network for investigative journalism Scoop The investigation received "Velebitska degenija", an annual award of Croatian Journalist's Association for the best environmental story in 2011.

LEAD – For the buying of pesticides, at the…


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Greenaccord network met in Cuneo...

Cuneo hosted meeting of Greenaccord network again. Environmental journalists from more than 50 countries met from 19th to the 22nd October, 2011, in a town near Italian-French border.

There were a lot of new environmental-economic visions for more sustainable world, journalistic talks in pauses and bus-trips to nice towns nearby -Alba,Saluzzo. We missed all colleuagues which could not come, and devoted the conference to Yuri Eldyshev, our friend and editor of Russian magazine "Ecology…


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Croatia - Land of Rivers

Biologist and author Goran Šafarek produced his new video "Croatia - Land of Rivers", so I want to share it with you.. The text below appears in the video, from scene to scene.. 


No country in Europe has such divers, yet preserved rivers. 

Croatia harbours incredible beauty. The beauty of its sea and ancient coastal towns is common knowledge.

Moreover, Croatia has exceptional rivers, from lowland rivers like Drava and Danube, with their gravel…

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Sponsorship for Journalists to Attend the UNCCD COP 10, Changwon, Republic of Korea

The UNCCD secretariat will sponsor the participation of a total of four developing country journalists, drawn from the Africa, Asia & the Pacific and the Latin America & the Caribbean regions, to the tenth session of the Conference of the Parties that will take place in Changwon, Republic of Korea, from 10-21October 2011. The secretariat will cover the travel and accommodation costs for the…


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Beautiful film about forests

This is short film made for today's International Biodiversity Day which is devoted to message of saving oru forests from logging, agriculture, burning, mining,construction, clearcutting, industry,flooding, hydropower......



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 by Kruno Kartus

For the buying of pesticides, at the beginning of this year, the only thing needed was 55 kuna (7,5 EUR). A “certificate of competence” for handling the pesticides, a document of registered family agricultural farm or business, identity card – none of the above mentioned are necessary when buying highly toxic products which can cause harm to people, insects, bees and domestic animals.


This story…


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Yuri Eldyshev, editor of "Ecology and life", needs help

Yuri Eldyshev is very ill and needs help from his colleagues. He has pancreatic cancer with multiplemetastases in liver. Yuri's wife Ljudmila wrote this to Pavel Antonov, and asked him to spread the apel for help.

Yuri Eldyshevis a environmental journalist, editor of Moscow based magazine "Ecology and life", scientifically popular journal. He is a member of IFEJ, Greenaccord and other networks of environmental journalists.

"Yuri underwent a serious surgery and…


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Documentary: "Croatia - natural paradise between Danube and Adriatic"

German authors Ernst Sasse i Hans-Peter Kuttler of the NDR Naturfilm produced beautiful documentary about nature in Croatia, showing unique landscapes, animals and plants.

From 2006 to 2008, they pictured changes in nature during four seasons and spent ten months on the field. The film starts with view of frozen landscape Plitvice Lakes, UNESCO heritage site, famous on huge waterfalls and mosaic of numerous crystal water lakes. Sasse and Kuttler captured morning wakening of linx,… Continue

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Protest against attempted murder and beating up of journalists and activists in Russia

O P E N L E T T E R T O:

Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, president of the Russian Federation

Mr. Vladimir Putin, prime minister of the Russian Federation

Russian police and investigators

24 November, 2010


We protest against attempted murder and the…

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THE GROWTH MUST STOP - Greenaccord, annual gathering of environmental journalists

CUNEO, ITALY – Experts in the world increasingly criticize a model of economic growth that dominated the last century and the dogma of the gross domestic product (GDP) as a prior sense of the development. Instead of a new unsustainable exploitation of the Earth, scientific discussions are focusing on the issues of happiness and quality of life, such as during the Greenaccord conference of environmental journalists in Cuneo last week, from October 13 to 16.

American… Continue

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Investigation on Red Sludge Disaster in Hungary

Hungarian National Bureau of Investigation is conducting an investigation into the suspected professional misconduct which lead to mass fatalities, related to disaster of red toxic sludge leakage from aluminium factory in town Ajka in Hungary.

On Friday, during his visit to the stricken area, evacuated village Kolontar, prime minister Viktor Orbán said that this case would not be dealt with according to "formerly accepted standard practice". Orban…

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Croatian environmental news

Dear friends, this is my first post in this community which impress me with simple and informative approach to cooperate on biodiversity topic. Since 2004 a group of journalists founded Environmental Press Centre in Croatia and one of our projects is online environmental magazine Alert which you can visit at It's published only in Croatian languague,but at least it's an information that there is such a regular eco news in this part… Continue

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