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Environmental Impacts of activities from mechanic workshops in Nigeria

Indiscriminate dumping of heavy metals from auto-mechanic workshops can endanger public health and ecosystem.

A professor of chemistry, Babajide Alo warns that other activities at the mechanic workshops put the artisans and their clients at risk.

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Before 1996, Baruwa community in Alimosho area of Lagos Nigeria depended on their groundwater for drinking and domestic use. All that changed when they discovered that the more than 180 wells in the area had suddenly become greasy and smelly.

The traditional head Haliju Baruwa said they were alarmed when their domestic…


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Environmental impacts of disposable diapers and sanitary towels

Much of what we buy and use are disposables. From medical and electronic waste to kitchen and dining products, the list goes on.

Throwaway products are usually made from paper, plastic and cotton, but plastic items are by far used the most.

Though some disposables can breakdown rapidly others like throwaway diapers cannot.…


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The massive rocky landscape was captivating as we approach the reserve after a four hours ride from the Dead Sea area. Dana nature reserve is a biosphere reserve that is protected by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature and Wild established in 1966. Seven other reserves which represent the four bio- geographical zones in Jordan also benefit from the protection. It is also said to be the largest nature reserve in Jordan covering three hundred and twenty (320)…


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Sea Level Rise and Lagos Central

A mini documentary I produced for Policy Advocacy Project Partnership on Climate Change in Lagos. I was one of four Nigerian Journalists selected to work on how climate change affects eacho f the senatorial districts and I chose to work on Lagos central. The group of non governmental organisations hope to use the videos to shame and force senators to take proactive action to save…


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This report was shot three days after the intense rain that flooded the whole of Lagos on 10/07/11. It rained for about NINETEEN  HOURS non stop and overwhelmed even the state government who thought they had an effective deflooding measure in…

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