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Conservation that promotes a green economy

As countries like Indonesia consider strategies for a policy to implement the REDD+ mechanism, evidence is increasingly pointing to the need for an all-inclusive approach as opposed to establishing and exclusively focusing on protected areas.  In a recent study, ASB Partnership scientists looked at opportunities for a green economy and preservation of unique habitat that exist in the diverse landscape of Sumatra. Here, you find a mosaic of villages that seat at the base of the natural forest and in between there are domesticated tree-based systems and tree crops that provide firewood, timber and other non-forest products that are a source of income for the communities. It is also home to the famous endangered Sumatran Orangutan.


 Looking at which elements hold high carbon stock between disturbed forests, undisturbed forests, mixed gardens, pine plantations and benzoine resin (locally known as kemenyan), mixed gardens had slightly higher carbon stored than disturbed forests and pine plantations. The scientists also found that mixed gardens ranked third largest for diversity and richness of species.


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