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Biologist and author Goran Šafarek produced his new video "Croatia - Land of Rivers", so I want to share it with you.. The text below appears in the video, from scene to scene.. 


No country in Europe has such divers, yet preserved rivers. 

Croatia harbours incredible beauty. The beauty of its sea and ancient coastal towns is common knowledge.

Moreover, Croatia has exceptional rivers, from lowland rivers like Drava and Danube, with their gravel bars, beautiful sidebranches and wide floodplains, to fast mountain rivers with rapids, paradise for rafters and anglers.
Then, there are karstic rivers with natural barriers and impressive waterfalls. Barriers grow from travertine - living rock. Between barriers river slowly flows, it is wetland in a rocky environment, oasis in the deep canyon, accessible only by a boat.
Karstic rivers end up in Adriatic sea as estuaries or delta.
photographs by Goran Šafarek
track"Summer stream" by AREXX (Ivo Vicic)
(Official Anthem of River of Croatia Project)

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