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Green Economy Coalition letter to G20 heads of state urges action on biodiversity

The Green Economy Coalition has today sent an open letter to the heads of states who will attend next week’s G20 summit in Toronto, Canada.

It calls upon G20 leaders to:

(1) integrate the value of biodiversity into national accounts, and to encourage the disclosure of environmental and social impact through environmental, social and governance reporting systems.

(2) reform all subsidies which encourage overproduction or wasteful consumption of resources. Given the G20 commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, we urge you to report on your transition strategies and to announce when and how you intend to phase these subsidies out.

(3) spare no effort to move the G20 group forwards to support a post-2012 global climate policy framework which is ambitious, fair and legally binding.

The coalition is a unique alliance of environmental, business, labour and other organisations that have come together to advocate for a just transition to a green and inclusive global economy.

The letter has been signed by the heads of the International Institute for Environment and Development, WWF-International, Consumers International, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Global Reporting Initiative, among others.

For more details and to read the full letter see the attached PDF.
Green Economy Coalition letter to 4th G20 Summit June 2010.pdf
The letter can be reproduced.

For interviews, please contact the Green Economy Coalition’s programme director, Dr Sally Jeanrenaud at:

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