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Jan/Feb. 2012 Issue of California Diver Magazine: John Chatterton Interview

My interview with John Chatterton will appear in the Jan/Feb. 2012 issue of California Diver Magazine:

"Our January/February 2012 issue was printed yesterday (Dec. 23) and will be mailing to our subscribers in the two next weeks. I’m so proud the way this issue has come together, and so glad to be working with such a talented team of writers and photographers who have have helped put this issue together.

Mike Bear, our Science Diving Editor, has put together an exclusive interview with John Chatterton – one of the world’s best known wreck divers, subject of the NY Times Bestseller “The Shadow Divers”, and host of television’s Deep Sea Detectives. Mike did an exceptional job with this story and interview, and we’re very thankful to John Chatterton for supporting us and being a part of our magazine. Mike Bear has more outstanding features coming in 2012, and I hope you’ll join us as a subscriber to continue to read his great stories."

--Available in dive shops in California  and online subscriptions here:

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