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Bags are packed, and I am on the road this week to CoP11, aka the Eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties to..., in Hyderabad, India. Talking points will focus on biodiversity.

I remember back some 15 years when I submitted the text for the Mexico: Adventures in Nature guidebook and the publisher was unhappy with any mention of biodiversity. The word itself seemed strange to them. Odd, I thought, for a book about nature travel.

Flash forward to the present and I don’t think we see many mentions of biodiversity in the press. We have not made the progress in terms of communication that I expected.

So this big event comes at an opportune time to focus our attention on critical issues and the mainstreaming of the concept.

I will be blogging a bit, but focusing more of my time on the Planeta Wiki, in particular the October 14th workshop I’m facilitating: Global Workshop for Indigenous and Local Communities: Biodiversity,.... It will be a reunion with good friends from the CBD Oliver Hillel and Viviana Figueroa and ITBW Award participants Alex Villca and Pedro Martinez.

Social Web Tips

On Delicious, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, we suggest the use of hashtag #CoP11. See this in practice on Twitter and Delicious

On Facebook, official posters are being shared via the Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group

On Facebook we have not seen an official event page. There is an event page for the Global Workshop for Indigenous and Local Communities: Biodiversity,...

On Flickr we are viewing pictures from and I’ll upload photos from my account.

On Twitter we are following @BioversityInt@IRFinDC. You can also follow me online @ronmader

On IPadio, I will be uploading audio clips including conversations and reflections

On Ustream, I will be uploading video clips including conversations and behind-the-scenes tours. I might also upload videos to my YouTube account

Hope you can join me, follow me, inspire me! Please comment, share and interact. We have some critical conversations to begin ASAP.

Global Workshop for Indigenous and Local Communities: Biodiversity, Tourism and the Social Web (Poster #3) #rtyear2012 #cop2012 #cop11

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