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Make Biodiversity Your Business – meet the European Biodiversity Standard

Based on its wide experience and expertise regarding business and biodiversity issues, ECNC has now launched the European Biodiversity Standard (EBS), an independent tool for companies to assess, upgrade and profile their biodiversity performance.

Biodiversity and ecosystem services are vital elements for a growing number of companies. Worldwide and in Europe, the integration of biodiversity considerations in business operations is receiving more and more attention, as shown by the Biodiversity Convention, the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020, and the Pan-European Biodiversity Strategy towards 2020. However, companies often struggle with the question of how to address biodiversity in a practical way in their business operation. Although many companies operate environmental management systems, these systems often neglect or even omit biodiversity issues, despite their importance.

The European Biodiversity Standard provides practical tools for companies to address biodiversity and to measure, improve and demonstrate publicly the company’s ecological performance. Its motto is: ‘Make Biodiversity Your Business’.

Acquiring the EBS is a simple two-stage process in which a company first undertakes a self-assessment of its performance in relation to biodiversity. If the company then feels that it meets the standard, it can apply for the external assessment to receive full certification. Once awarded the EBS, the company can profile this in internal and external communications.

The EBS was developed and is managed by ECNC through a partnership with Middlemarch Environmental Ltd. Middlemarch has a long-standing record in biodiversity benchmarking, in particular in the United Kingdom.

Please visit the website for more information: and/or contact ECNC via telephone +31 (0)13 5944 944 or e-mail For information on ECNC, please visit

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