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NEW PODCAST EPISODE: Getting climate resilience right: the case for backing smallholder organisations

Listen now to 'Getting climate resilience right: the case for backing smallholder ...’ - the newest episode of IIED’s Make Change Happen podcast.

In forest landscapes, 1.3 billion smallholder farmers, communities and indigenous peoples must organise for climate resilience to survive.

Together, these men, women and young people represent over 16% of the global population: their resilience has defining significance for the world’s poverty reduction, food security, forest management, biodiversity conservation, carbon sequestration and climate change adaptation.

In this episode, Elizabeth Nsimdala, a smallholder farmer in Uganda and president of the Pan Africa Farmers Organization (PAFO), and Duncan MacQueen, IIED expert on locally controlled forestry, explore why smallholders are so motivated to find environmentally-friendly solutions, and share examples of what good creative climate action by forest and farm producer organisations looks like in all its diversity. Clare Shakya, director of IIED’s climate change research group, joins the discussion to explore another increasingly recognised element of successful climate resilience work: moving funding and decision-making to the local level.

The Make Change Happen podcast series is designed to tackle the critical challenges of our time, from the climate crisis and renewable energy to food systems equity and Indigenous knowledge. It provides in-depth coverage of key issues, and discusses how we play our part to make change happen.

You can find the podcast on all your favourite podcast apps, and we have Twitter account: @IIED_Voices – please follow us for updates!

Enjoy episode 13 of the Make Change Happen podcast. You can find this episode and all the previous episodes in the series at

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