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We launched Sub Biosphere 2 earlier this week and the responce has been fantastic. It is the first self sustainable underwater habitat and is designed to be a global seed bank to safeguard Biodiversity. We would like to hear from you the experts about what you would safeguard.

Based on the successes Biosphere 2 project in the USA many years ago, please find a story that will hopefully restore some faith in British endeavours at sea.

The Sub-Biosphere 2 is the original self sustainable underwater habitat designed for aquanauts, tourism and oceanographic life sciences and longterm human, plant and animal habitation.

This unique underwater habitat sustains all its life support systems for air, water, food, electricity, and other resources through its innovative control of variant pressures that occur at depth.

Each Biome represents a different eco system and the structure rely's on atmospheric changes in pressure at depth established by the forces of expanding air within the habitat the deeper it dives, acting like lungs.

SBS2 is a seed bank with eight Living Biomes to allow human, plant and fresh water interaction, powered and controlled by the Central Support Biome which monitors the life systems from within its own operations facility.

Designed by Phil Pauley and visualised by Pauley Interactive, the Sub-Biosphere 2 has been posted to generate interest from global partners, sponsors, investors and gauge the potential support from the scientific community and the general public.

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