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Traditional Sri Lankan New Year is a celebration of Nature - is it common in traditional events of other communities..??

Today is traditional New Year for Sri Lankans. The event initiated as a Thanksgiving ceremony after harvesting of paddy and there is a little bit of Astrology too get involved. However, there are lots of elements of biodiversity involved in this National Event.

* Asian Koel makes its mating song at this period, so locals consider him as harbinger of new year
* A flower called Erabadu (flame of forest) too blooms on this period of time, so it becomes the symbol of new year..

There are other elements of biodiversity too gets involved in this traditional event and over last few years, I continue to write about them. Please click on the following links which will gives you an idea on how the traditional people get nature into this celebration...!! I'm continuing this as a series since it is an easier opportunity for me to convince the public on how closer the nature is for them..!!

I'm sure you'd come across such instances when you too report Environment. I'm just curious on how this kind of references to nature made at traditional events celebrated in other countries, so would like to hear more about your experience if any..

Please visit the following links to my articles done on past few years...!!

* Erabadu: In search of a messenger of Avurudu

* Koha: Heralding the Avurudu with a call for a mate

* Biodiversity in our National New Year (for kids)

* Kaju Puhulam: Fading symbol of Avurudu

* Panchi: From a ripple in the ocean to a rattle on the Avurudu game board

* Erabadu: Avurudden Duras wana Avurudu Salakuna (sinhala article published on Lankadeepa)

Wish you happy new year..!! 
(sorry for cross-postings)

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