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WWViews on Biodiversity: Results available

World Wide Views on Biodiversity (WWViews on Biodiversity) is a globe-encompassing democratic deliberation on biodiversity. On September 15, 2012, it gathered citizen views on international biodiversity policy issues and disseminated them to policymakers involved in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).


The 3,000 participating citizens from 25 countries were selected to reflect the demographic diversity in their respective countries and regions. They were provided with unbiased information about biodiversity and the international discussions about policy measures to stop its decline, and they were given time to deliberate with fellow citizens.


Here are the results of WWViews in a nutshell: 

  • Most citizens worldwide do have some knowledge of biodiversity
  • Citizens think most people in the world are seriously affected by biodiversity loss and more participants from developing countries than developed think that their country is so
  • Citizens worldwide are very concerned about the loss of biodiversity
  • The establishment of new protected areas should be given higher priority than economic aims
  • Efforts should be made to protect nature areas 
  • Eat less meat and intensify agricultural production
  • Incentives and subsidies leading to overfishing should be phased out
  • Protection of coral reefs is a shared responsibility
  • More protected areas should be established in the High Seas
  • All countries should pay for protecting biodiversity in developing countries
  • Benefit sharing should apply to genetic resources already collected
  • Use of genetic resources from the High Seas should benefit biodiversity



The full WWViews results report can be downloaded at: 

The results will also be presented at COP11, on Thursday October 18, see:

Best wishes, Markus Schmidt

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